Roxy is a Red Fox. We believe that someone took Roxy from the wild and tried to hand rear when she was only a few months old. We found her tied to metal railings. She would have certainly died of starvation had she not been rescued.

Roxy was around 3 months old when she was rescued and brought to the Sanctuary. She was hand reared by Geoff. Soon, she was a lively little fox cub with bundles of energy.

When fox cubs are hand reared they become ‘imprinted’. This means that they lose the ability to fend for themselves. This is why it is important for humans not to interfere with them. Sometimes however, like in Roxy’s case, it is completely necessary as it is the only way she would have survived. Roxy has been brought into the family, not just the Sanctuary. She has been brought up as a dog, having all the necessary injections and even been neutered to ensure a healthy life. She enjoys regular walks with our dogs, and often comes out on our fundraising events.

She is now known as Nuneaton’s Town Fox, and does film and television work.

  • General: Foxes are a member of the Dog Family, and the only surviving member of the Dog Family found in Britain.
  • Life Span: In the wild: 1-5 years. In captivity: 14 years.
  • Statistics: Body Length: 60-70 cm. Weight: 4-8kg
  • Territory: They are found throughout most of the northern hemisphere, and have recently been introduced to Australia.
  • Behaviour: Foxes mate for life. They are very playful, and live in small family groups. Foxes mate for life; but they are solitary hunters.
  • Diet: Foxes are omnivorous and can eat both meat, such as mice, and fruit, such as berries