Marty is an Eagle Owl. Marty was born in 2003, and was rescued from a house in which he was being
mistreated. He was then took to an Owl Sanctuary.

The Owl Sanctuary then gave us Marty to keep at our sanctuary; where he lives happily with our other animals. Marty enjoys coming out with us on public talks and shows. He has a fantastic temperament, and loves attention.

He can sometimes be heard hooting to the other owls in the sanctuary, and loves meeting new people. Originally, Marty was thought to be a girl, and was called Martha.

  • General: Eagle Owls are large and powerful birds identifiable by there large amber eyes and tufts on their ears.
  • Life Span: 50 – 60 years.
  • Statistics: Eagle Owls are the worlds largest owl with a wingspan of 200 cm and a weight of 1.5 – 3.2 kg.
  • Territory: Europe and Asia.
  • Behaviour: The call of the Eagle Owl is a deep resonant “ooh hu”. They rarely beat their wings when in flight preferring to glide on their large wings. They are noctural and normally nest on high liff esges.
  • Diet: Small mammals such as mice, rats and voles, although they can kill much large animals such as hares and foxes.