Bramble is a Roe Deer. He was brought in to the sanctuary by a member of the public when he was only a few weeks old. he was unconscious upon arrival. It is not known wjat was worng with him but we think he was abandoned by his mother. He had to be bottle fed around the clock but soon gnained strength.

Bramble quickly became attached to our Greyhound Jasmine. We can only presume this was because she must have looked like his mum,  what with her colour and height. Jasmine soon took to Bramble as her own ‘pup’.

Due to Brambles bad start in life we are unable to release him into the wild as he has no natural instincts to survive, he could not forage for food or adapt to a harsh winter, so he lives at the sanctuary where he has free run ti do what ever he please. Which is normally eat all of the bird seed and generally harrass the volunteers. He also likes to sneak into the house whenever he gets the chance for a snooze on the lounge carpet in front of the television!

  • General: Roe Deer became extinct in England in teh 18th century but were reintroduced in the 19th century. Before the 1960′s they were treated as vermin.
  • Life Span: 10 – 12 years.
  • Statistics: Body length: 95 – 135 cm. Weight: 18 – 69 kg.
  • Territory: England, Wales, Greece, Portugal.
  • Behaviour: Both male and femaile are solitary and highly territorial. They mark their scent to ward off other deer and bark when alarmed. They mate in Aug/July and their fawn are born in spring.
  • Diet: Roe Deer are herbivores and eat all vegitation.