Barney is a Blue and Gold Macaw. We re-homed him here at the sanctuary because his owner was emigrating to Spain and couldn’t take Barney along with him. Within hours of him settling into his new home at the sanctuary we soon realised why his previous owner wished us good luck! Barney started swearing profusely! It was comical at first but then he started mimicking Geoff’s voice.

So if you here the odd obscenity it is Barney and not Geoff (honestly!).

He is a very curious bird but can have mood swings. He has sworn at many an important visitor to the sanctuary, including a vicar and a policeman. He even told a lady Mayor where to go!

Barney has appeared on many TV and radio shows, and even won Britain’s Worst pet!

  • General: There are 17 species of Macaw worldwide. many have vibrant plumage which is suited to lifein tropical rain forests. They have large powerful beaks that can easily crack nuts and seeds.
  • Life Span: 60 years.
  • Statistics: Body length; 30-100 cm. Weight: 900 – 1300 g.
  • Territory: South and Central America.
  • Behaviour: They are intelligent birds that often fly in a flock of 10 – 30. macaws vocalise through a series of sqwawks to identify other members of the flock and mark territory.
  • Diet: Seeds, nuts and fruits.